Resources, inspiration & community for nature loving people & their businesses.

You’re invited, all of you, just as you are. 

Welcome to a world where Nature, Creativity & Business collide. We go gently here, taking cues from the seasons & cycles of the Earth.

Take a walk down the garden path with me, past the flower beds, the veg patch, and the chicken coop. At the bottom of the garden, in an old oak, there's a Tree House. It’s a place full of creativity, branding and design resources. But more than that, it’s a place to get inspired to weave the seasons and cycles of nature into everything you do, with the support of an online community of kindred souls.

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Nice things my clients say:

“The Tree House creates a sense of solace. It's a place where
fellow creatives can learn and get feedback safely and constructively,
while also being aware of all the ways you offer to support them.”

Hi, I'm Meg!

It’s lovely to see you here! I’m the founder of Lemon & Birch, a design and illustration studio for soulful small businesses.

I created the Tree House as a place to share creative tools and resources, and connect small business owners, freelancers, and creatives together. Here inside the walls of the Tree House, away from ads and algorithms, you can breathe easier.

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As creatives and small business owners making our way in this digital world, creating content is an ever-present task on our lengthy to-do lists.

Laura McMahon

The Smallest Light

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Small Business Owners

I’m a commercial photographer and I capture product, places and people. I create lifestyle shots that are all about that everyday magic. It’s my “why” to capture product photos that help people connect back to themselves, to find cruelty-free options, to enjoy beautifully made food, to slow down and to make the small things, the big things.

Helena Murphy

Commercial Photographer

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Client + Student Support

I have been working on a logo after watching and working through the rebrand roadmap - it was so so good - thank you Meg! Would anyone mind giving me some feedback on what I have come up with so far? Thank you 🙂

Kathryn Goddard


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